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100mm Double Sided Light Box

100mm Double Sided Light Box

PF100 profile, double-sided light box utilizes ultra bright LED light bars, which attach to the light box extrusion with simple thumb screws and plug together to create bright, even lighting contributing both sides, doubling your marketing messages.

The LED provide bright, uniform illumination using edge lit technology that combines with a dye sub print or UV printing on specialty light box fabric to provide a sleek, frameless clean look.
  • Details

    PF100 aluminum profile

    For Wall Mounted size:
    - 500 mm(W) x 1,600 mm(H)
    - Single sided graphic

    For Hanging Type size:
    - 1,600 mm(W) x 500 mm(H)
    - Double sided graphic

    For Free Standing size:
    - 1,500 mm(W) x 2,000 mm(H)
    - Double sided graphic
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