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200mm Double Sided Large Format Light Box

200mm Double Sided Large Format Light Box

The lightbox is a frameless LED light box offering edge-to-edge illumination, via a high brightness LED light panel, which can be custom made in large format sizes while thick of 200mm to create an impressive sleek illuminated display area.

The best results for printing onto the textile graphic is using a dye sublimation print process onto a 110gsm backlit fabric material with a sewn on silicone rubber strip at the edges which pushes into the sides of the light box profile to tension the fabric across the face of the light box. The fabric graphic folds up effortlessly for easy transport with the disassembled lightbox.
  • Details

    200mm thick Frameless design Large format LED light panel illuminated size:
    Custom sizes up to 3m x 5m

    Image Freestand Double sided dimensions available:
    600 mm x 1,600 mm
    600 mm x 2,000 mm
    750 mm x 2,250 mm
    800 mm x 2,000 mm
    Example of use: restaurant menu, stela wall, bulletin board, advertising, etc.
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