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AP29.0649.31 │ DS49

AP29.0649.31 │ DS49

Application Examples: 

PF49 Double sided Stand

Soundproofing Free Stand Partition / Backdrop
- Our Soundproofing Partitions are absorb background noise.
- Our Soundproofing Partitions are perfect for Offices, restaurants, hotels and or any space, that require a movable partition.
- Our Soundproofing Partitions have a Class A flammability rating. This product passes most building code flammability requirements for exposed materials.
- Our Soundproofing Partitions are light weight and placed and moved with ease. Sound Partitions are delivered assembled and ready for placement in your space.

PF49 L shaped stand

L shaped LED Light Box can be produced in different shape, different size, with light or without light.
- Power save up to 80%
- Best display quality without any zebra-like light strips
- Use environmentally safe fabric with UV resistance

PF49 Display panel/ Aluminium frame

PF49 Folding partition with wheels

PF49 Circular Hanging Banner

Rail glider with joint is applicable. Tension fabric for hanging Circular or Rectangular.

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    Double sided
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