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AP84.4302.31 │ Flat DS for Fabric

AP84.4302.31 │ Flat DS for Fabric

Application Examples:

For free standing Size:
800 mm(W) x 1,400 mm(H)
1,000 mm(W) x 1,800 mm(H)
1,000 mm(W) x 2,000 mm(H)

For background LED module:
- LED module 0.4w hi power
- Normal temperature: -40oC ~ +60oC
- Rated voltage: DC24V
- Constant current color: 7000k
- Use life up to 2 years
- Light Box can be made any size
- Select different power adapter according to the number of the access strip

For L stand with 43 mm frame DS80:
- Easy to set up by one person
- Easy to change graphics when needed. No assembly tools is required

For LED Lightbox with Backgound LED module:
- Long life, ultra-light
- High light efficiency, ultra-hi power
- Ultra-high brightness, soft and uniform
- Vivid colors, bright saturated
- Lightweight and flexible, compatibility easy
- Re-use, convenient construction
- Saved 70% energy consumption than traditional tubes
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