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AP86.0460.31 │ 2 Channel Flat for Vinyl

AP86.0460.31 │ 2 Channel Flat for Vinyl

Application Examples:

System frame with corner connectors

The corner connectors are tensible either horizontally or vertically. Hence the statistically certified system can be applied both, height and sideways, at the same time. The system can be expanded in a modular way and therefore it isn't limited in size.

No rusty aluminium with suspension adapter and hook for hanging up from mounting onto the wall.

- For vinyl sheet or fabric with silicon tube keder
- Indoor or outdoor
- Anti-rust aluminium scaffold
- With suspension adapter for hanging up from ceiling or mounting onto the wall
- Wall mounted / suspension onto the ceiling / free standing / Curved

These extremely flat, very light displays are ideal for use as hanging signs in shop windows and indoor signage.
  • Details

    Display area no larger than 20sq m
    Max. Height/Length is 6m
    Withstand 51 kg weight
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