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Snap Frame

Snap Frame

Snap Frame Panel
1. Applied with Germany standard aluminum frame - four sides snap frame
2. using sign-watts LGB technical panel
3. Thickness 15mm frame, snap light easy installing
4. DC 24V
5. Lifespan >50000hours
6. Working temp -30 degrees Celsius -50 degrees Celsius
7. Beam angle 170 degrees
8. Luminous 2500lm
  • Details

    A3(307 x 430 x 15.5) Photo size:293 x 416mm View size:267 x 390mm 3.8w 1.2kg
    A2(430 x 604 x 15.5) Photo size:590 x 416mm View size:550 x 376mm 7.6w 1.9kg
    A1(604 x 851 x 15.5) Photo size:587 x 834mm View size:561 x 808mm 15.1w 3.2kg
    A0(851 x 1200 x 15.5) Photo size:1183 x 834mm View size:1157 x 808mm 32.8w 5.8kg
    B3(384 x 534 x 15.5) Photo size:370 x 520mm View size:330 x 480mm 5.0w 1.6kg
    B2(534 x 744 x 15.5) Photo size:730 x 520mm View size:690 x 480mm 10.1w 2.6kg
    B1(744 x 1044 x 15.5) Photo size:727 x 1027mm View size:701 x 1001mm 20.2w 4.6kg
    B0(1044 x 1470 x 15.5) Photo size:1453 x 1027mm View size:1427 x 1001mm 40.3w 8.2kg
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